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My life changed when I adopted Cashmere.  Animals do that to humans, but this particular animal won my heart forever.  During the 2 hour car ride home to Iowa City I kept my hand in the pet carrier, rubbed her head and talked to her the entire way.   Cashmere is a one person cat and I am lucky to be "her person."    She wants for nothing and is spoiled rotten, as it should be.  She has beds, blankets, pillows, toys, cat trees, cat jungles, treats, and never ending love.  Cashmere sleeps with me at night, sits at the table in the morning while I read the paper and drink my coffee, she follows me everywhere in the house, and talks up a storm when she wants to tell me something.  Thank you for taking such good care of Cashmere until I adopted her.  I guarantee you that she couldn't be loved anymore than she is right now.  She has found her "forever home" and I am "forever" grateful to share my life with her.  Thank you Animal Lifeline and a special thank you to Martha.  Cashmere sends an extra purr, just for you.

Editors Note: Cashmere became ill in 2010 and fought a good fight but she traveled to the Rainbow Bridge on August 5, 2011. Forever in Our Hearts.

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