Hi, We are Blue Too and Ricky

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I adopted Blue Too (was Hemmingway) in October 2007.  I knew from the moment I saw him, that he was to be part of my cat family.  He was a very active kitten, too much so for some of my older cats, so after much though, I adopted Ricky (was Richochet) in April 2008.  Unfortunately for Ricky, right after I adopted him, my Dad went into the hospital for several weeks so I didn't get Ricky introduced to the family as quickly as I would have liked.  Blue Too however, always wanted to be in the room with Ricky.  He knew they were supposed to be together.  At first Ricky would his at him, but Blue Too was patient and would lay several feet from him.  And they soon became best friends.  They sometimes sound like a herd of elephants when they chase each other all over the house, and the older cats look at them like they are crazy, but they are a fun addition to our cat family.

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