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Delta - Animal Lifeline of Iowa Success Story

Our family is passionate about reaching out to those in need and this is reflected by the number of  shelter or abandoned animals who live in our home. We have two Labrador retrievers and three cats (and a stray cat we are currently seeking a home for). We love all of our animals and learn patience, compassion and loyalty from them every day.

Bo is our 2 year old yellow lab who we adopted from Animal Lifeline in July of 2006. We first saw Bo on the website in May of the same year. We knew that Cooper, our 3 year old yellow lab,  needed a “brother” and after seeing Bo, we couldn’t get him out of our hearts. Bo has special needs. He is blind and has a skeletal deformation but is truly only handicapped in the human sense of the word. After meeting Bo, our greatest question was if we were worthy of such an amazing animal. The obstacles life has dealt Bo didn’t intimidate our family. This dog belonged with us! Michelle Grace (Bo’s trainer and volunteer at Animal Lifeline) spent numerous hours taking Bo to training classes and knew him well. After meeting with her and Bo two separate occasions, we brought him home to our family.

We have learned so much from our animals and Bo in particular. This dog handles his disability with grace and joy. We hope the lesson to our 8 year old son is that no one, be it human or animal, is flawless and we all must accept, lean on and learn from one another.

Our family has faced cancer and Bo sets the example of “Living Strong.” He is the constant  reminder that you can find joy in each new day and it’s the simple things in life that are our greatest achievements. He perseveres and exhausts the rest of us with his energy! He runs confidently into the darkness wearing a collar with the words “Livestrong.”

We are honestly not sure who rescued who!

Thank you Animal Lifeline for the gift of our beloved Bo!

Love-Mike, Karen & Jacob Van Osdol

If you would like to make a donation to the Shelter to help pay for the care of animals in need, please click here.

email: info@animal-lifeline.com

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