Hi, My name is Lil Bit

Lil Bit - Animal Lifeline of Iowa Success Story

  • Female
  • Spayed
  • Terrier/Jack Russell Mix


Lil Bit was born in October 2002 and is a Terrier/Jack Russell mix. She loves to snuggle close and weighs only 7 1/2 pounds. She had been hit by a car and had a fractured pelvis. The surgery to repair the pelvis went really well and she is recovering nicely. Unfortunately, following surgery we had our vet heartworm test her (our protocol on all incoming dogs) and she tested positive. Once she has fully recovered from the surgery, we will begin heartworm treatment and following that treatment, she will be spayed. She is such a sweet little thing and a real "trooper" considering all she has been through.

UPDATE: June 16 - Lil Bit has tested negative for heartworms! She has been spayed and we have a family that has adopted her!

If you can't adpot Lil Bit but would like to make a donation to the Shelter to help pay for the care of animals in need, please click here.

email: info@animal-lifeline.com

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